My allotment

September 17, 2013
Last Sunday, 15 September 2013, I met Melvyn the Secretary and joined the Alsager Gardens Association so that he could allocate me an allotment on ...  [read more]

The Secret Agent

February 7, 2013
The work chosen from the first decade of the 20th Century by my Wednesday history & literature group┬áthis 'semester' was The Secret Agent by Joseph ...  [read more]


January 17, 2013
Too tired tonight to say much but after nearly eight months of no posts here at all it struck me as time to at least ...  [read more]

Gatsby curtains

May 27, 2012
Apart from my virtually total recall of every scene and piece of dialogue from the whole of The Outlaw Josey Wales, there are many other ...  [read more]
This I believe. The squares marked A and B are the same shade of grey. [caption id="attachment_498" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Thanks to:"][/caption] No I don't. Yes I ...  [read more]

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