October 14, 2023
Sulphur Heart Ivy aka Paddy's Pride blossom on the laburnum  [read more]

A sunny morning

October 14, 2023
Making a slow start to a Saturday morning, with stirrings of comforting emotions. Just listened to a tribute to the song "I will always love ...  [read more]

Keeping on keeping on.

October 10, 2023
I've read quite a few articles over the years and more recently biographical accounts of grief at the loss of a partner. One of the ...  [read more]
Jill and Edward now have William, Léo and Toby and Beth and Jim have James Francis, born 7 July 2020. I have recently renewed ...  [read more]

I return

June 14, 2023
This is the first time I've written anything for a long time. Getting to know how to do it all over again has not ...  [read more]