Quick email I've just sent to a friend in Australia. Made me reflect for a moment on some of the better parts of life at ...  [read more]
September 2013¬† ¬†Took 5 bags of rubbish to the tip, cleared West End and started a bonfire briefly 'til it expired. Took Dave Clifford down ...  [read more]
Results of tests show coronary artery disease and I've received an appointment to have an angiogram and probable angioplasty at Royal Stoke Hospital on 17th ...  [read more]

Heart blog

November 3, 2017
On Monday 2 October 2017 I took myself to Merepark Medical Centre (MMC) and saw Dr Corcoran, as I had that morning experienced chest tightness ...  [read more]
My log of my allotment activities. She's called Alice. See also http://jim.granter.co.uk/?p=559 from September 17 2013 which I've just noticed! Encouraged by my partner Barbara, I enquired ...  [read more]

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