Why a web site?

A place for enthusiasms, in a similar way to my too often reading out to the family bits from what I am reading , presupposing they are a) interested and b) not doing anything too important to be interrupted. This way, lots of such reading outs can happen quietly, available more conveniently than when I burst out with one of them to whoever is near.

I stayed here for a few nights back in the 1990s when the sign looked like this: Some year later I joined a good humoured online ...  [read more]

Hello again.

April 6, 2015
Many moons since I visited this site. thought I'd start back with a picture. Today has been the best of the year so far as the ...  [read more]


July 24, 2014
Wonder and awe. We have a first grandchild - William James, on 23 June 2014.   [read more]
Here's a recent shot of work-in-progress at my allotment known as Alice  and an update link to some photos on Flickr,  (interspersed with a few ...  [read more]

My allotment

September 17, 2013
Last Sunday, 15 September 2013, I met Melvyn the Secretary and joined the Alsager Gardens Association so that he could allocate me an allotment on ...  [read more]

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