Funny sort of day

By on May 6, 2010 in Americana, Diary, Did

General election campaigning is all over today so been to vote at the Civic Centre for one of the candidates who promises to sort out the economy; watched the indoor bowls for a while. How civilised, one activity in the world where all that is solid has melted into air and then one where it all looks pretty solid to me.

Started (obviously) reading the Communist Manifesto again while waiting at two NHS hospitals for B’s drug test monitoring, consultation on a proposed new treatment and finally a breast cancer screening. ¬†All free at the point of need.

Beth rings us up to check out funeral protocol as she is going to one and it’s the first for her on her own.

Have dug out two Be Good Tanyas CDs to put on this computer. Excellent listening when you’re in the mood, a very Southern sound it seems to me, though they’re from Vancouver, British Columbia.

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