A day in the lives

By on February 2, 2011 in Diary, Film

Today was split into several distinct sections, each reflecting a particular aspect of life as I have come to know it in recent years. 1. Domesticity: cleaned the stove. This was no ordinary clean. Last night partner had contrived to spill warm, therefore liquid, beef dripping all over and into the front doors of our cooker and onto the floor. It instantly solidified. A project loomed and at 0630 hours I made a start. Lots of self tapper screws and swearing later, together with all-purpose cleaning fluid, Brillo pads, scrubbing brush, dust pan and brush, Fairy household soap, paint scraper, tea towels, mop bucket and hot water, the cleaned up sections lay drying out as I showered, dressed and left for my 2. Literature, history and art of the first world war group. Wilfred Owen was the main subject of a wide ranging discussion and reading. How and why so many joined and died I shall never understand, even given all the reasons offered today such as poverty or patriotism.

Soon after I got home, an old colleague from work (from which I  3. retired eight and a half years ago) visited and we exchanged news of ourselves and family members. It transpired that we may arrange a visit to the new college which has replaced the old one where we once worked, which has inturn been replaced by a Sainsbury’s! It’s quite weird these days driving past the site of the buildings in which I spent 21 years. They were razed to the ground last year and the supermarket shot up in no time.

After my friend had left for work (she is still at it, part-time in a new job, resolving to “be” more and “do” less) I moved into 4. food – cooking and eating – this time a mixed grill, as I had missed lunch and was very hungry. Lambs liver, dry cured bacon, 3 small tomatoes, an egg and toast made a great feast, washed down with a cup of tea.  Partner has prepared a large rice pudding, as we have accumulated a surplus of semi-skimmed after starting to use very tasty un-homogenised milk from a local farm via the health food shop. This goes along with adopting dripping, pork and beef, for cooking. Apparently cholesterol is okay this week. Always thought so myself and will do so until the day I keel over with blocked arteries.

Late afternoon time then allowed a catching up with Facebook news of 5. Offspring. Daughter’s had another successful day presenting training to a professional audience in Dublin, whilst son has posted pictures of several of his university friends of a dozen years or so years at a small reunion the other day in London, as well as news of his dream involving a falling out with Jamie Oliver. I commented with my dream last night of chatting with Paul Newman about his films which is my 6.  Just managed to creep slightly ahead of partner in our game of Facebook’s Scrabble, called Wordscraper.

On account of all the above, 7. the house itself, (currently decorating a bedroom), took a back seat today, except for putting the lampshade back up, having finished painting the ceiling and wall  yesterday. The new brass toggle light switch looks good against the new “grey tints” paint. And I see it’s back to 1. Domesticity again, then.

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