York notes

By on January 6, 2010 in Diary, Did, Thought

Thought the start back Wednesday literature class The Century’s End didn’t happen today on account of treacherous roads and pavements under snow and ice but it may just have been a week early.  Borrowed a copy of York Notes on one of our set texts – Dracula – from the only other local resident / student who made it to the library just in case today was correct. We agreed that at our stage of studying we could cope with the dilemma of having York Notes available before getting on with the actual reading of the text. Even worse for me though as she has annotated the Notes! Well, I guess I’d just better get on and read the actual book if I hope to both enjoy it and have anything to say about it myself. Must visit Whitby again, hopefully this summer; it’s ‘on the list’, just after Chicago…..

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