By on July 24, 2010 in Thought

Two very different treatments of the deal between Amazon.com and the Wylie Agency: straight reporting verging on promotion in The Independent and a critique of the whole move in The Guardian today.

Not sure I’ll ever need to face up to having to read a novel on a ‘tablet’ as there’s enough unread stuff on my shelves already in real books that smell right and feel even better.


And there’s so much else can happen with books that you can’t do with an e-book – take it to a charity shop? Find it in a charity shop? Pile it up on a ‘to read’ pile that just looks good anyway? Reserve it online at the local public library and pick it up a few days later when an e-mail says it’s there, for a £1 fee?


Lend it out and not ever get it back?

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