New cupboard project

By on October 4, 2011 in Diary, Did

Someone local dropped off a cupboard at Age UK and Barbara could see through the scuffed, stained, old and dark polish and varnish to an attractive piece of furniture for somewhere. It looked pretty good in its original state but here’s a small gallery of some stages in its rapid transformation to quite a satisfying object.

Not bad before treatment, but crying out for some TLC aka Nitromors and Stanley blade - crude but effective.




"Advertising" the beeswax before applying it

The finished job, with the door folded away to reveal great shelves









The door is made of slats stuck to a strip of leather so it can roll down and around in a channel in the base. Not sure what we’ll use the shelves / boxes for yet.

Just a few more random shots to show some of the beauty of the wood and perhaps to evoke the response, “They don’t make’em like that anymore!”:

The brass door catch and lock. No key unfortunately, but looking good.


Better just read the instructions before applying beeswax


Pre-waxing door, showing the beautiful grain in the slats








A bit more buffing up now it's indoors....








...and there's the shine

Photographer: Barbara Mary Granter


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    Love it! Really impressed.

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